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Website Design


No matter whether your business is big or small, you must be well aware of the importance of online marketing for your business. Businesses need to be avail every opportunity to maximize their market presence and promote their products or services. SEO plays an important role in fulfilling this objective as it helps in getting visitors to the website. But, is SEO enough to ensure success of your business? Of course not! Even if you succeed in getting visitors to the site, it may not yield any positive result if the website is not user-friendly. At SEO Atl, we believe that a website is an identity of the business in the online world. Hence, its design and development should be done with consideration.

SEO Atl has expertise in designing appealing, user-friendly websites that give brand recognition to the business. We know that website is the first impression of your business for any customer hence it needs to be significant. Every website should be able to build trust and convey professionalism and confidence. Being an SEO service provider, we are well-versed with the need of integrating SEO in the website design and its influence on search rankings. We have served clients across sectors, irrespective of their size. When a client comes to us for website development, we first understand the nature of their business and their processes. Once we understand client expectations, we provide design solutions to them. We not only provide clients with options, but also seek their feedback at every stage.

Features of our website design services include –

  • Customised and unique design for each customer.
  • Understanding nature, objectives and goals of the business.
  • Cost effective and reasonable
  • Emphasis on engagement and interactivity.

For design of modern websites, SEO Atl offers the perfect option and that too at affordable rates. Let SEO Atl help you in your efforts to develop and expand your business. To know more about our website design services, contact us. If you need more service please visit below links:

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Vegan Breakfast

The Top 5 Vegan Meat Substitutes


What do vegans eat” is by far one of the most popular questions vegans are asked. Vegans don’t all follow a strict vegan diet plan, but they have found many substitutions that allow them to follow a lifestyle they feel strongly about. Vegans might not eat many traditional meals but they have replaced their vegan breakfast with vegan pancakes and other healthier options and delicious vegan breakfast recipes. They’ve even found a way to make a vegan cake recipe taste like the “real” thing!


One thing that almost all vegans have in common is that they’ve discovered vegan meat substitutes. There is a wide variety that no matter what your personal preferences are, there is atleast one that you’ll take a liking to. Here are the top five vegan meat substitutes. All of these are easy to make, healthy, versatile and can be made into many delicious recipes!


  1. Tofu
  2. Seitan
  3. Tempeh
  4. Black Bean Burger
  5. Meatless Chicken

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Nuggeta Play – Play Social and Multiplayer games!


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social gaming network